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Consultancy on Spectrum - Standards 
and their compliant applications


IMG 8322 compAdvocacy is an activity which is aimed at the highest political levels from the civil servant layer up to the Minister/Government offices.

We advocate on demand for new legislation or change of regulatory measures which is seen harmful for Industry or society at large, given a changed socio-economic environment or new findings of interest for the government. So advocacy is the interaction with the highest political circles, BEFORE anything is even ready to go to the national parliaments, or in case of the EU Level, from the EU Commission to the EU Parliament and the Council.

Ring Advocacy ApS is registered in the EU Transparency Register and Security cleared for the Parliamentary Buildings. We have an excellent and long standing professional relationship with the EU Commission, and with the EU Commission’s expanding involvement in the spectrum regulatory work and cooperation with the CEPT, EU is today the most prominent and effective platform from where to plant the seeds of good ideas for future spectrum Decisions and other legally binding acts. Our advice and experience was taken into account in the development of the RSPP (Radio Spectrum Policy Programme), which sets forth the spectrum policy objectives beyond 2015.

No advocacy task is too small. Lets hear if you have ideas we need to flag up at the highest levels.