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Advocacy is an activity, which is aimed at explaining and arguing for the client’s position in matters of high techno-political value. We make the complicated technology matters easier to understand and address the highest political levels from the civil servant layer up to the Minister/Government offices.

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Our areas of expertise

Radio Frequencies

The Radio Frequency Spectrum is one of the most important elements for modern society among most all natural phenomena. Spectrum is as important for modern society as water is for the marine industry.


Are you planning new wireless products and services? And are you in doubt how to choose the right radio technology and ensure the design of a legal-to-market and legal-to-operate product? You set the requirements specifications and we guide you through the complicated maze of spectrum and regulatory provisions and marking requirements.


At Ring Advocacy we have been actively involved in international spectrum regulatory activities since the global spectrum regulator, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), held the World Administrative Radio Conference year 2000 in Istanbul.

We have since then studied and advocated spectrum access for cellular commercial mobile telephony, professional mobile radio and Public Protection and Disaster Relief services and orbital systems for clients around the world.

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Topics of the moment

  • From ECC: EU Commission Mandate to CEPT on 5G (900/1800 MHz)

    ECC Plenary is right now considering CEPT Report 80 on the Review of the EU-harmonised technical conditions for use of the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands with view to their suitability for 5G

  • From ETSI on “Cybersecurity”

    ETSI TC Cyber has contributed an initial list of possible Standards for consideration. This subject was also discussed at the recent Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference held between CEN-CENELEC-ETSI and ENIISA ( 

  • From ECC: Radio altimeters 4200-4400 MHz coexistence with MFCN in 3400-3800 MHz

    This subject is important for industry considering the network elements for Private LTE/5G systems in the possible future EU Harmonised band 3.8 – 4.2 GHz for the vertical markets (Industry 4.x)