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Consultancy on Spectrum - Standards 
and their compliant applications


Logo NarrowSince the inauguration of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) back in late 1988 all terrestrial radio communication systems were based on national proprietary specifications, for in-country use only and no interworking across borders whatsoever. With the intervention from the EU Commission, this picture changed…….(read more)

as for the EU Member States it would no longer be tolerated to operate national markets for mobile communications, in clear conflict with the provisions of the Single Market and with total absence of competition in the market. Through a Memorandum of Understanding ETSI was formed between the EU Commission, the CEPT and the Industry. What a revolution: All industrial competitors sitting in the same room, around a table, jointly developing the technical standards for future digital mobile technology. The first to be ready was the GSM standard, and the next coming out was the TETRA Digital mobile platform for professional applications such as Public Protection and Disaster Relief. The single market for mobile communications was now created with powerful yet affordable phones as a result; and with cross-border roaming. Where was the Mobile cellular market today had it not been standardized?

As for your new products, should you integrate a standardized radio technology or do you have very special requirements, maybe even specially and licensed radio frequencies?

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