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Consultancy on Spectrum - Standards 
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Radio Frequencies

Logo NarrowRadio Frequency (RF) Spectrum is today alongside its regulations (often politically motivated) and applicable technical standards one of the most groundbreaking fundamental (electromagnetic radiation) of all natural phenomena, and it is a limited resource……….more

……yet RF is applied as an integral part of a growing number of modern products and more and more application areas are included from intelligent garbage bins to anti-collision devices for the automotive industry. Industries are discussing wireless M2M systems (Machine-to-Machine systems) and the vision of “The IP-Address of all things” is closing in on reality.

As the amount of usable RF spectrum is limited, one can understand the growing pressure for getting access to RF Spectrum from Governmental Agencies down to the smallest start-up. This puts further  pressure on the national Regulators.

It is obvious to anyone, that the management and regulation of RF Spectrum not only has an engineering side to it and not only is a national challenge, but also an international. RF Spectrum waves do not respect international borders, so now also international policies and regulations including those of defense and military are added to the puzzle of either getting RF Spectrum to add value to your products or you want to make sure not to market a product that creates harmful interference to other maybe services. We at Ring Advocacy call this discipline “Techno-Policy”.

We are here to advice you and make sure your fundamental business idea enjoys maximum promotion through any accessible regulatory bodies if required. We write the proposal paper together with you, and we format it to an official contribution. We ensure your paper is getting onto the agenda and we go to the meeting and present and defend your proposal.

Give us a call or send a mail and let us hear how we can help. Do not rely on your competitor to do this for you.

The history of using RF Spectrum goes back well over 100 years and constitutes one of the most exciting parts of the history of modern mankind. We do encourage interested parties to look this up separately.