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Consultancy on Spectrum - Standards 
and their compliant applications

About Us

Logo NarrowSteffen Ring, MScEE, based on his substantial experience within telecommunication spectrum, standards and regulation acquired since 1976, founded RING Advocacy ApS in 2015.

Ring has served for corporations such as Storno A/S in Copenhagen Denmark, General Electric Inc, Lynchburg, Va., USA, Motorola Inc., Il, USA and Mobile Data International Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada and throughout liaised close with national and international authorities to agree the technical terms and conditions for bringing foreign Radio Frequency equipment onto the market and into operation in a fully compliant manner.

In Europe Ring worked close with the European Commission as representing Industry to assist in the inauguration 1988/89 in France of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and began soon after the standardization work in ETSI on TETRA (at the time called MDTRS) and was appointed chair of ETSI EPT WG4.


steffen ringThanks to a remarkable spectrum sharing agreement signed in 1994 (The so called “Ottawa Agreement”) between the CEPT ERC and NATO ARFA the embryonic ETSI TETRA standard was allowed for the European Police and Emergency Services to share spectrum in the range 380 – 400 MHz with military missile systems. Today this agreement is still in force, and is a huge benefit for TETRA users all over Europe and around the world.

With the RING Advocacy LLC the work is continued for the benefit of all industries, small, medium sized and large, planning to launch and market products making use of radio frequency spectrum. We offer advice and even political influence to seek traction for regulatory policies, which are manageable by industry and at the same time achieve the political goals.

Our activities stretches into the European Parliament, where we meet with applicable MEP’s to discuss EU’s planned new EU Telecom Policies and advocate for the industry views.

We do look forward to hear about your challenges in Spectrum, Standards and Regulation and hope to be able to carry your good ideas and successes forward in the global markets.